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Our team is offering a complete solution to start and or manage artist/ record label without the need to hire a full time staff to run it.

Look no further, release your tracks now on iTunes, Beatport and more than 200 other digital store, EMD Entertainment is offering a complete record label/management service giving you all the human resources you need as a recording artist/label.

Our team can take care of your release schedule, contract negotiation, distribution, mastering, promotion, social management, royalties and every other aspect of a Artist/Record Label’s business.

Our management Services includes :

• Recording
• Mastering
• A & R
• Production/Manufacturing of CDs, 12″, Media & Marketing Tools
• Physical Distribution
• Digital Distribution
• Digital Sales Processing and Reporting
• Physical Sales Processing and Reporting
• Publishing
• Artist/Producer Contracts
• Royalty Accounting & Administration
• Licensing Administration
• Marketing & Promotion
• Social Management


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